For the past few months, I'd been locking myself
from meeting people, having fun and share thoughts.
I kept everything to my own. I love being alone
and just stay in my room all day by doing nothing.

I knew that I lost my best friend,

our friendship messed up. There is no trust and
love anymore. No more sharing joy, secrets, laughter
and tears together. I lost my charm,she always
been there for me through ups and downs. Now I'm alone.

I went through a rough time every single day without
her. I became anti-social person, I lack of
communication with other people and I was 
depending so much with my phone.

But one day,
I discovered a perfume brand named, Jo're Sense
on advertisement. They have created a magical perfume
called "I'm Single". I get attached by the
advertisement and wanted to try one for myself.

Ever since I wore them, my confident level boost up
everyday. I met bunch of people that accept me for
who I am and trust me in everything I do. I am no
longer locking myself anymore,I'm taking chances by
having fun and enjoying myself with new people I met.
I am so blessed I get exposed to this perfume,
without it I might still depressing over myself.

Now I cannot go through a day without it.
And I also remember, people will always come and go
and there is always a good reason behind someone's presence.


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