Back when I was 17 years old, someone special appeared
in my life. He's not just special, he's like my twin, my sibling.
I never thought that someone that i really trust and care of
could betray me. The most hurtful day in my life began when I
found things don't go as the way it used to be. I really
upset with all the issues that I had gone through.
After gone through the long overdue of hearbreaking,
I told myself STOP hurting myself and I was thinking,
"why should I sad for someone that don't worth me doing so?"
I know that I DESERVE someone better which I belive he will
appear in my life someday.

I kick start my morning earlier than usual the next day.
Still remember that feeling, was so fresh and clear in
my mind. I started to focus on positive things, my goals,
my target and work so much harder than usual.
I dress up nicely everyday, live my life like never before.
Why? No doubt, it's for my future and I wanted him to
feel regret for letting me and I wanted him to know that I can
stand my own feet & thank you so much that he makes me realise

Ladies, we don't need someone to determine our goals
and future, it's US to decide! Don't you ever look
back, always move FORWARD to see a better future ❤


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