This is a real story about me and she, my best friend
who used to be my everything, gone through every ups
and downs with me. She always gives me the most sincere
support. She told me that I have the potential that I
don't even realize. Till one day, she started to act
weird and keep asking forgiveness from me. Then, she gave me
a bottle of perfume and asked me to spray on when I
missing her. One day, I received a news that she has
passed away which really shocked me :(
No matter what, she will be always in my heart as I always do.
Every spray, every BREATHE, I will think of you :)


Why don’t we reach beyond what we already have and
what we already do? We’re not given such a wonderful
and rare gift to fit in, to be normal, to follow the
crowd when deep down the crowd kills us internally
everyday. We're not given these talents, interests
and passions to simply wake up at the same time,
work at the same job we hate or watch the same shows
that make us dumb.

We're meant to live like a CONTE.

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