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CONTE is defined as legend in France. The story begin with a legendary man. Before the transformation , everyone thought he was born with a silver spoon , but the truth is his family is not privileged in any way. He has been told repeatedly that success is not for us, success is reserve to people belonging to a certain pedigree. All he heard from people around him is to stay in his comfort zone.

The turning point of his life was when he met his uncle. He was attracted by the way he act, the way he talk and the message he conveyed. He was just an eight years old kid , but he knew there and then that his uncle is going to be his lifelong mentor. That is the starting of his legendary life. He starts to think differently, switch his perspective in life and grab every possible opportunity to talk to his uncle on his every visits. He found his way to be a better man. Day by day, he grew more matured , both physically and intellectually. He has gone through many challenges that few men even have the courage to attempt. He is always trying to achieve more in life , each and every success he has in life is nothing but fuel to push him forward.

In the age of 28, he is now a man that every man would imitate, respect and describe to be the ultimate goal of many. For him, legendary is just a legend, he described himself to be a real man, a man who really exist. 



•  2ml 0.06 fl. oz. Eau de Toilette Spray 
•  Glass Bottle 
•  Spray Top 
•  Imported


Top Notes: Aldehydes, Orange
Middle Notes: Pepper, Cedar
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vetiver, White Musk
Conte EDT Perfume For Him