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The sixth anniversary of their relationship is a sunny Wednesday. In celebration , she got a leave from work. While dressing up, she received a notification from her boyfriend. She was caught off guard by his sudden request to break up without any explanation. She stared at the phone in total disbelief.

Things were never easy in the 6 years relationship. Both of them had gone through many ups and downs and it seems for now that all the efforts over the years are about to go in vain. He has been everything to her , and now that he wants nothing to do with her anymore , she finds it hard to accept the cruel and sudden reality. She is trapped in this black hole of negativity , until she recalled the words from her best friend. "Love yourself before you can love anybody else and never live for others, you are for your own!"

Her mindset has a huge shift , and started working positively again , that's when magical moments happened. All of these can be traced back to those words by her best friend. She regained her confidence , transforming herself into the charming woman she once was in an instant. She is now more than ready to pursue her new life, a blissful and wonderful life.


•  30ml 1.0 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum Spray 
•  Glass Bottle 
•  Spray Top 
•  Imported


Top Notes: Black Currant, Pear
Middle Notes: Iris, Jasmine
Base Notes:  Patchouli, Vanilla and Praline.


I'm Single EDP Perfume For Her